Monday, February 20, 2017


It was a glamorous occasion at the Thought Pyramid Art Centre as spectators and admirers gathered to celebrate Etsako cultural heritage organized by African Theatre Development Foundation. A Save Africa Project. It is a monthly event to reach out to other ethnic nationalities both within Nigeria and Africa. In his opening remarks, the Creative Director Mr. Prince A. Zadok stated the need to perpetuate the African culture especially as it relates to language speaking. Expressing concerns as to how fast languages are going extinct, encourage participants and parents on the need to encourage the
use of languages in order to secure the future of our young ones.

Prince Zadok further stated that Save Africa Project is meant to connect to all other ethnic nationalities, he further added that, according to last census, Etsako population is being projected to be less than 300,000 ethnic group which he regarded as scary, adding that there is a disconnect and is one of the endangered languages. 

Participants at the occasion
Participants at the occasion

The Etsako ethnic group are one of the major ethnic groups in Edo State, Nigeria. They occupy three local government areas. They are, Etsako West, Etsako North and Etsako Central with AgenebodeAuchi, and Fugar, as their administrative headquarters according to Wikipedia. Etsako are proud of their cultural heritage, join them and celebrate this wonderful heritage and don't let it die.
The meeting was graced with music, dances, etc. A group of youth entertained the guests with acrobatic display

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