Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Gbamito (Singular), Gbamiye (Plural) are folk tales told especially at night under the moon. It was a time when the entire family sits after supper and the story being told usually by the eldest. Sometimes, it is rotated among members of the family; these folktales were used to teach lessons, children were expected to learn morals and values from such tales. At times the stories were told around night fire especially during harmattam.

Gbamiye were considered very important part of the lives of the Bachama a.ka Bwatiye people because their lives sometimes are shaped around the tales. The stories mostly talks of their ancestors and their way of live while here on earth: Some of these ancestors were believed to have found the places where you find the Bwatiye people. Among them are:

Bolki Byemti, Farei, Bosso, to mention a few.
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