Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Caleb Zadok

 Do you know?
That in those days, when a child goes to a provision store to buy a thing with one naira in his hand, the owner of the shop will enquire of their house and will leave the shop in the care of a neighbor and follow the child home, ask questions to find out if truly that one naira belonged to the child or not.

It is amazing how fast our morals have eroded and affected everything we do. Imagine now a primary school child goes to buy some stuff from the provision store with not just one thousand (N1,000.00) but from a bunch in his pocket! The question is, can the shop owner query that pupil? Indeed, our values have eroded living us only with shadows. Why are we bringing this? Yesterday can never be greater than today. Where yesterday becomes greater than today, there’s bound to be a great problem which may lead to disaster. God speaking saying, “Remember not the former things neither consider the things of old.” This means today and tomorrow are far better than yesterday. Yea, I have heard the word ‘good old days!’ There should be nothing like good old days because once it is gone, it is gone for good and you have today to live your live to the best and expect tomorrow to be better than today. This is how life should be. You only need to remember the past for reference purposes, and that is why we are talking about this.

However, there are certain things we were doing before which we are no more doing and would wish them to come back to our lives. One of such is ‘our values.’ Which we left behind. Honestly, when I think about those days of honestly, I wish and pray that those days come back to us; but the days are gone for good, it is what we make of today that matters and it is up to us.

When we are determined to do what is right, we can do it, It all depends on us as a people. It is important for parents to inculcate this in their children, the story need to be told. Everybody must play his or her role and gradually, we would get there.

#BringBackOurValues, #DoTheNeedful, #MakethingsRight
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