Monday, September 2, 2013


On behalf of the Late Baba Zadok Kori Adiga’s family, we wish to register our profound appreciation to the following:

1.     Kumtap Bright Kumtap
2.     Lucious P.Pwalesado
3.     Secretary Bachama Tradional Council NUma
4.     Pst. Anoruo Felix
5.     Pst. Emmanuel Daniel
6.     Students of College for Legal Studies Yola, Numan Center
7.     Bara AY (CIS) Rtd.
8.     Pagiel A. Njala
9.     Pst. Israel JP.
10.                        Pst. Pwa’ashino Nasu
11.                        Bishop Rhema Bitrus
12.                        Dr. Kenneth Sakiyo
13.                        Chief W. Paul (Wakili)
14.                        A. J. Amingunno
15.                        Richard Modecai (JP)
16.                        Hauwa Manuwo
17.                        Pst. Maiyaki Ambrose
18.                        Pst. Patrick Iliya
19.                        Pst. Mastthew Jepthan (Headquarter)
20.                        Cletus Hickson
21.                        A. K. Zidon
22.                        Prince Meshach
23.                        Osita Cliff
24.                        Pwanokurma B. Dalli
25.                        Dr. Nuhu Tari
26.                        Chief Gilbert Ananze
27.                        All the other District Heads
28.                        Traditional Council Staff
29.                        Mark A. Balasin
30.                        Hon. Japhet Kefas
31.                        Gamdo Geoffrey Dyangale
32.                        Hon. Justice B. S. Bansi
33.                        Rev. R. T. Gajere
34.                        Evang. Maryann (Jos)
35.                        James Jones Maisamari
36.                        Ahmemd Raliya
37.                        Zamani Bijida
38.                        Fred Zamba’awula
39.                        David Sakodore
40.                        Ladi Demsa Family
41.                        Jekye/Kabe Bachama
42.                        Harold D. Wonolema
43.                        Actor R.
44.                        Damisa F. P.
45.                        Taaziya Akila Todi
46.                        Emcy Todi
47.                        Mr. Sunday Reuben
48.                        Francis U. J. Jaimu
49.                        Rev. Seth J. Ngurikan.
Extracted from the Condolence register.

We also wish to extend this profound gratitude to all the Gbounye’s (Play Mates)
And every other person who has committed his/her resources in one way or the other to ensure the success of the burial of our Late father. Only the Almighty God will bless you and replenish your pockets. Also, we register our gratitude to HRM Homun Honest Stephen Irmiya (Kwire Mana – Kpafrato II) for his fatherly guidance and support throughout this period and now. One prayer for you is for God to give you wisdom to lead the people well.
To those that called, send text messages, came personally, and any who played one role or the other, may God bless and keep you all in Jesus Name.

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