Wednesday, September 19, 2012


(In response to Maijama’a Adamu The Scope September 16th - 22nd, 2012)

By Caleb Zadok

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When I read the report of Mr. Maijama’a Adamu the Chief Press Secretary to the Adamawa State Governor at first I felt reluctant to comment, but I later felt it is high time to reply him. Let me just comment on some of the issues he raised.

First Maijama’a stated in his post thus, “I have read with deep regret the story of the arrest of the Deputy Speaker, Adamawa State Assembly”

As if he was not part of the game plan to arrest the Deputy speaker. Certainly Maijama’a can never deny the fact that he was aware of the grand plan to arrest the Deputy speaker following series of squabble or disagreement between the speaker and him the governor and his vendetta against the Bwatiyes. He may lie to the world but can never lie to his conscience.

Secondly, Maijama’a further stated that, “While the police in no ambiguous term said that the suspect arrest on murderous action confessed to being sponsored by Mr. Laori”. What a confused and childish agent doing the government’s dirty job. Such incompetence of a mouthpiece of the government. Everybody knows that when you want to hang a dog, you give it a bad name. Police report couldn’t have been relied on all because of a so-called report. Such a report shouldn’t have been relied on all because of a so-called suspect mentioned the name of the Hon. Deputy speaker. The police that I know as corrupt as they are could have taken money from your master and boss and could possibly torture the suspect and force out the name of Hon Kwamoti from his mouth in order to label him bad. If so many people are insinuating especially those in Jos, Yobe, Maiduguri etc are claiming that, those been arrested or even killed by the JTF are innocent citizens, and I know that Maijama’a hold this same opinion, then what makes you think that the suspect was not a victim of circumstance unjustly arrested? What makes you think that the police report is not wrong considering the high level corruption in the police force who are ready to do virtually anything for money. I speak out of experience for I have seen a number of cases that the police handled out of corruption, so many of them so what are we talking about? This report shows how myopic and unreasonable you are and you in your report. This shows what stuff the government is made of (Propaganda machine).

Also note:- “One of such instances, out of desperate show of chauvinism, Mr. Laori organized and partook in a press briefing organized by the Pene Da Bwatiye Cultural Association at the NUJ Press Center Yola on the 13th May 2012 where they declare thus, ‘since it is evident that the Fulanis do not desire to live in peace with our people, and they connive with their kith and kin to wage war, they should all leave our land forestall future crisis between them and our people” in what terms do Maijama’a want the Pene Da Bwatiye to put it? And who is Barr. Kwamoti representing, his people? Was he not supposed to identify with his people or was he expecting him to desert his people?

For God’s sake! This man represents these people and his constituency was attacked and I guess Maijama’a and his boss was expecting the Deputy speaker to go to him and celebrate the attack on his people over a cup of coffee. He is wrong and the deputy speaker has not done anything constitutionally wrong by identifying with his people and I stand to be corrected; therefore, you have no moral right to question his association with his people. May be I should tutor you on the word representative, the word denotes delegate, spokesperson or ambassador; did you see that? So are you saying that he has no right to represent his people? Mstcheew! No wonder the state is in shambles!

Another issue raised is the issue of ‘Persona non grata’, may be Adamu has either forgotten or do not even know probably because he gets the crumbs that falls from his master’s table that Governor Murtala Nyako was the one that has declared his persona non grate against the Bachama race (I really don’t want to give a low down here that would prove to you because I know you are already blinded and basking in the euphoria of your government, enjoy it while it lasts.


There are a lot of issues raised by Maijama’a Adamu which I may not really go into, because I know there a lot of people who will reply him in more intellectual way but he should know, the Bachamas are peace loving people who accommodate visitors, give them land to build houses, farm their crops and to the Fulani’s land for grazing; they have been co-existing for many years though there have been conflicts here and there, yet, they still co-habit with each other. A very big question that beg for answer is, why now during Nyako’s administration that the matter escalated to where it is today? It may interest you to know that, even yesterday, the 18th of September 2012, the Fulani’s again attacked unsuspecting flood victims of Bandawa who were taking shelter in a primary school, killed a young lady and injured many. Did anybody look for their trouble? What brings them to Bachama land to cause this aggression? All these questions are begging for answers: May be you and your boss has answers which I know you do except if you will keep lying to your conscience. The issue of bigotrism or chauvinism is certainly what Nyako is exhibiting on us but guess what? WE WILL SURVIVE. Following shooting and killing innocent people in both Mubi and Yola, the governor quickly used the opportunity to enforce ban on motorcycle use in some local governments including Numan where nothing has happened. This is one among many. But Let it be known that we are a patient, peace loving people, governments come and governments go. Nyako Murtala’s government no matter how long will pass away. Only time will tell and if he thinks he is hurting us, in the process, he will hurt himself.

In conclusion, the Adamu concluded his message of calumny thus. While we patiently await the unfolding of due legal proceedings, we sincerely advise that resorting to deliberate dishonesty and apportioning blames where they do not belong it will serve no one any meaningful purpose”. Ah! What a contradiction. Legal proceeding or not, no one is afraid of it especially when you know you are not guilty. Legal? Oh! that reminds me, I have said this, and I will keep on saying it until I see changes in the judiciary, I HAVE LOST FAITH IN THE NIGERIAN JUDICIARY. Surely not after what happened in the case of Adamawa State when the mandate of the majority of the people were forcefully snatched by the ruling party in conjunction with the Judiciary. And without prejudice, the Nigerian judiciary must apologize to Nigerians for that un-ethical act only then can we begin to believe our judiciary but for now, it is only the executive at work I rest my case.   

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