Tuesday, June 19, 2012


By: Caleb Zadok

The recent continuous bombings of churches targeted at Christians by the ISLAMIC SECT  tagged 'BOKO HARAM' leaves one to wonder what is really going on in this nation. Most shocking is the usual response of the so-called leaders of the nation Northern Governors' Forum-NSGF, Arewa Consultative Forum-ACF) and their hypocritical condemnation of the attacks. The most ridiculous one is the attempt by the federal government to engage them in dialogue. All these issues are the reasons why I want to painstakingly write on in order to clear my conscience.

Beginning from the Sunday multiple attacks in Kaduna and Zaria respectively.  I hate the hypocrisy of our leaders in respect to issues like these. When the leader of the Islamist Sect popularly known as Boko Haram came out openly and declared that they are out to impose shariah law in the northern part of Nigeria, and that they are fighting against the government and the Christians whom they call infidels, the So -called Northern governors did not come out openly to condemn their comment, they did not think this act will divide this nation; later, the same group gave ultimatum to all the Christians in the north to leave to where only God knows, there were no condemnations why? Because most of these leaders thought that what they could not do openly, this group is out to achieve it for them. But when it turns out that there are reprisal attacks, then came condemnations from all angles, suddenly, every body that matters is lending a voice! Such I consider as hypocrisy of the highest order. Don't misunderstand me, I condemn in totally the reprisal attacks because God said vengeance is his. NO ONE I repeat NO ONE can fight for God. Any God I have to fight for is not worthy of my allegiance. It is therefore important for the Northern States Governors' Forum to understand that if they can not come out in sincerity to fight this menace that is bedeviling us in the north, we stand the chance of losing our already epileptic economy. In infrastructures, we are backward, in other resources, we are backward, in education, we are backward almost in everything we are backward yet, the few resources we have, some of the leaders out there are sponsoring some miscreants in the name of religion to destroy. Nigeria is a secular state and must remain so if we are to remain as a nation. Other leaders have tried to no avail and no wonder Nigeria was smuggled into OIC.

The most disturbing thing is the recent comment of the Chairman of Northern States Governors Forum Gov. Babangida Aliyu of Niger State on the fact that the bombings in the north is beyond boko haram. Haba! How can a leader and chief security of a state come out and make such comments? Why is he sympathetic with boko haram? I challenge Gov Babangida to fish out those he thinks are the ones doing this to North. 

One thing these leaders fail to understand is that the almajiris they groomed all these while has been the major that escalates the crisis because, the children were brought up by one mallam up there who doesn't care how they fared  all in the guise of training them in islamic studies. I ask, can't a child stay in his father's house and learn islamic studies? These children have no affection, they don't know anything apart from violence as a result they become prey to those who steal our money and use it to create crisis in the nation all because their parents under the guise of religion have relegated their responsibilities as parents. The result is what we are harvesting in the north today.

The Arewa Consultative Forum ACF recently while condemning attacks stated that especially as the government is ready to engage in dialogue. This is a terrorist group for God's sake! You don't negotiate with terrorists. They don't have to be incited before they strike; they take pleasure in inflicting terror on innocent citizens who are law abiding and going about doing their legitimate businesses and killing and maiming people in their places of worship. The governor of Niger State said that the church bombings are diversionary. Such a ridiculous conclusion! I ask, Why the churches? It is when they might have finished with bulldozing all the churches that you will know that they are playing a script? We are not kids in Nigeria. 

It would be recalled that the ACF in its plea to the government after the Kano multiple bomb blasts stated thus:
"PRESS STATEMENT BY THE ACF ON THE STATE OF THE NATION," which was published on Vanguard of Tuesday February 7, 2012, Page 20.
Having reviewed the horrendous attack on Kano and the spate of attacks on many parts of the North, the ACF makes the following recommendations.
a. "The federal government should commit itself openly and unambiguously in guaranteeing the security of leadership of Boko Haram leaders when they come out for dialogue promised by Mr. President."
Note that the ACF did not condemn in strong terms the atrocities committed by these barbaric elements.
Only a mid admonishment calling on the leaders and members of Boko Haram to realise that no religious doctrine permits the killing of innocent lives. In their words they stated further  "It is important to point out to them that they are inflicting terror, death and destruction upon people not in any way responsible for whatever injustice they believe have been done to them." There you are! Please those who are knowledgeable help me explain further what they meant by “injustice they believe have been done to them” and by Who? It is a puzzle to be unraveled.
Talking about dialogue. Why do you dialogue with Boko Haram? What are their claims? What does Boko Haram Wants?
1.     Boko Haram denounces Western education
2.     It abhors any religion and anyone that does not call Allah. By virtue of that they mean anybody that will not embrace Islam is to be dealt with
3.     They also want Nigeria to be Islamised.
So I ask again, where does the federal government come in here? Is it possible to dialogue with people like that? The dialogue, will it be on the government’s terms or on the group’s terms? All these questions are puzzles that need to be unraveled and I guess the ACF will be in a better position to answer all these questions since they have been on the frontline clamoring for the dialogue.
It should be further noted that should the ACF and the so-called Northern elders in any compare this group with the Niger-Delta Militants, they are wrong. The militants did not bomb any church or any mosque. They simply fought the injustice done to them and fought for what is their right – the oil. What is injustice is Boko Haram fighting. Killing of their leader Mohammed Yusuf? And haven’t they killed enough? Obviously, it is not the church that killed Mohammed Yusuf.
Check the records of the Niger-Delta people. Ken Saro Wiwa was killed-hanged just because he asked for justice and the Niger-Delta people did not go out there killing everybody. So what are talking about here?
Finally, in all these, my take is that the federal government should not and never negotiate with these faceless terrorists except if it will be on the government’s terms. It is important for the federal government to face the threat of our indivisible nation with sincerity of heart as only sincerity will solve this problem and not their hypocritical approach to issues. That today the DANA air crash is being investigated with vigour is because an ordinary Nigerian can’t afford air fares and it is only the elites, it is what concern them; hence the government ought to pursue this to see to the end of these devilish attacks in the name of religion. While I praise the effort of some Christian and Islamic clerics I implore all Christians and Muslims to learn to co-exist together for the betterment of this great nation or stand the chance of losing the great nation our founding fathers left for us. A look at facebook comments would better tell our leaders the frustration of Nigerians. Both Muslims and Christians are fed up and want a conducive atmosphere. Failure of our leaders to adhere to this call may result in what we may not like. A word is enough for the wise.

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