Tuesday, September 27, 2011


(By Caleb Zadok Adiga) 
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When as a leader, people trust you and vote you into power, don't betray their trust. They believe in you that is why. All the arguments about Who steals what in the public office today is as a result of the fact that the supposed leaders have never paid any price for the nation and even for the various officer they are vying for.

Today, the latest happening in the African politics is the politics of imposition; where leaders are imposed against the will of the people, and not only that, they could even go for a second tenure irrespective of whether they perform in the office or not. These people loot the treasury and it has become a free for all thing and are usually to checkmated. In our very eyes we see the looters of our treasurer after being paraded on TV and National Dailies walking free and even becoming the heroes of the society.

The African Leaders should emulate Nelson Mandela who served jail term for over twenty years because of the struggle for his nation, but after being released, contested for the office of the president and was elected, and served only one tenure and left the office for another. This is a typical and good example worthy of emulation by African leaders. Today, Nelson Mandela has bagged so many awards and is being celebrated not only by South Africans, but by the whole world including the so-called African leaders who remain glued to their seats as if it was meant only for them. There is the need for re-adjustment by our politicians who want to go into politics and who are in it. Strive to make a good name, a name that will last a life time for your kindred to walk with their shoulders high.

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