Friday, September 30, 2011


Arise! O compatriots, Nigeria Calls obey; to serve our fatherland, with love and strength and faith. The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain: To serve with heart and might, one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.
Beautiful and Lovely words up there!, But they're not just words, that is our National Anthem. Can you sing it? I'm pretty sure a lot of people cannot sing it even some of our political office holders, those who can sing it, how many really know what they are singing? I mean knowing the real meaning of the anthem they sing. Others may claim to know the lyrics; however, you cannot convince me that you know the lyrics of the anthem if your own actions betray the words lined up above. Are you a true compatriot? Then you have a duty to ensure that you follow the words enshrined that anthem.

It is another year added to our great nation NIGERIA @ 51, but how far have we gone? Seeing what is happening in this nation today, you would believe with me that some people are trying to divide this nation at all cost, once that is done, then "THE LABOUR OF OUR HEROES PAST" will be in vain. If we look at what characterise our nations today e.g. Bribery and Corruption, Sectarian crises, Regional Crises, Ethnic etc. These, and many more are the things that will tear this nation apart. It has therefore become necessary for our leaders to come together to ensure that this never happened. Against all odds we must fight to overthrow these demons of segregation and separation in this nation. The canker worm of corruption must be dealth with in this nation to redeem our image in the eyes of the world. Leaders must put the nation first above all their selfish desires or they may suceed in puuling down what others worked for.

I will like to talk to my people in the North. The development in our region is nothing to write home about. Why are pulling down the little infrastructure that we can call our own in the name of whatever? Please let us say no to terrorism, nobody has ever achieved anything through violence, terrorism has never won any war, therefore, let us shun it completely and stay away from curropt leaders who have nothing to offer to the people than to fund these terrorist groups to kill and maim people. This nation is greater than anybody as such we must respect its rules.

In conclusion, I will like to make this clarion call to all citizens to please embrace one another and let us know that God had destined us to be together. If He wanted to create an Islamic nation, He would have done so long ago, and if He had wanted to create a Christian nation, He would have done that. Let us therefore embrace one another and shun those useless politicians who have nothing to offer than to cause chaos among the people. Long Live NIGERIA!!!!!
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