Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Caleb Zadok Adiga

Watching the television seeing a woman watching helplessly as her own baby dies in her own hands and she sheds tears helpless made my heart to bleed. While this is going on, other nations are pumping money procuring weapons with which to destroy other nations and others are supportive in procurement of the weapons not because they intend to use them but just to assist others. This made me wonder what is going on. For a moment, let us put ourselves in the shoe of the people of Somalia, supposing you’re the one, what will you do? I pondered on this until I asked myself - What a world! While others have much and are throwing away, others have nothing to feed on. Every human being deserve to live, they have right to life. All those little children don’t deserve to die perhaps if we give them a chance, they may live and you never can tell what they will become tomorrow.

In those children are great scientists, doctors, great inventors and even great leaders that could influence the world positively so, why don’t we give them the chance to live?

By the way, I would like to appreciate the efforts of the countries and individuals, Christian groups, Islamic groups and even NGOs who responded to this task of sending assistance to Somalia. It is my earnest prayer that God will bless and reward you and keep you from trouble. Your wonderful assistance would never be forgotten. Some responded by bringing food aid, blankets, drugs for the sick etc.

I would like to make this clarion call to all who have the ability to assist to please try and be your brother’s keeper. There are groups and NGOs who are open for this task, you may want to send your aid through them, but be careful so you don’t sow on a fallow ground.

Thanks for responding.

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