Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Corruption; how cruel you are!
You suck our resources dry,
Leaving the people hungry.
Fathers could no longer bring food,
Mothers could no longer feed their young.
Our hospitals lay waste.
When the young and old die helplessly.
Yet water tanks are filled with stench,
Stench of ill gotten wealth.

Excreta protests taking over of the soak aways,
Corruption, you monster!
Have you not done enough havoc?
See the waste lands!
Yet, a nation so blessed.
Under you, thieves are glorified,
The innocent oppressed,
the guilty walks free;
Justice on sale,
The highest bidder takes it.

Corruption, with brutal force you fight back
Yet in vain.
Your benefactors let off the hook.
Yet posterity shall judge!
Justice shall prevail,
We shall prevail;
We shall defeat you Corruption,

And put you where you belong.

Caleb Zadok


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