Thursday, April 26, 2012



I have been opportune to travel across the nation these past few days, what my eyes saw could only best lead to the question above. I ask again, "Do we have a serious government in Nigeria? Why this question? It may seem strange however, I must try my best to put some points down and God helping me I will summarize.

From Abuja I went to Niger State and then proceeded to Kwara State, Ilorin to be precise. There is no road at all. It was that bad that 2 trailers almost crush us on the way safe for God's intervention. To think that there are governors in both Niger and Kwara respectively and to crown it all senators who are said to be representing those areas and yet the road is that bad leaves one to wonder if there is really any government. When you hear of so many probes by different committees here and there and after the committee work, you hear nothing anymore implementation becomes a problem of which if there is government, they will respond immediately to ensure that the people enjoy the benefits of democracy. I ask again, "Is there a serious government in Nigeria? The answer is a capital NO. I left Kwara for Benue through the road that goes to Akwanga; that is another story all together. The most pathetic thing is that both the Governors of Nasarawa and Benue states passes through that road to go to Abuja for their subvention even though not often and the number three (3) citizen comes from Benue State to mention a few yet the road looks pathetic for a nation that has been bastardly blessed (if there is any English word like that). You could see that the contract has been awarded but the project looked abandoned and no one is held responsible. As I was passing that road I met a tanker that was carrying fuel; due to the fact that the road was bad, the tanker had lose control and fall off. No shoulder to even park yet, so many so-called government officials are plying that road but nothing could be done about it. I wouldn't say more but, I put a challenge even to the so-called government to prove to us that there is serious government in Nigeria. Your comments would be highly appreciated.
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